How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors
March 1, 2016
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home painters njWhen it comes to choosing interior paint colors your options are virtually limitless and in many cases it may be beneficial to paint different room’s different colors because some colors evoke emotions that you want, for example painting your bedroom light blue or green may help you to get a good nights’ sleep.

Kitchen Colors

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house, it is where we prepare and consume many of our meals and where the family gathers; in some cases it is even where the kids will sit to do their homework. The ideal color for the kitchen can make it a room where you want to spend time. Yellow (not too bright) is probably the most popular kitchen color because the color evokes happiness; there are also many colors in the orange family, such as terracotta that look good in the kitchen and that can help stimulate appetite and digestion (but stay away from bold orange colors as these tend to have the opposite effects). Another good color to consider for the kitchen is white, white tends to represent purity, cleanliness and happiness and can make your kitchen a serene place. Another popular option you may want to consider is to use an accent color in order to give the room a different feel; a white kitchen with an accent wall in terracotta creates a nice effect. If you have questions about the best color to paint the kitchen you can always contact a top house painter in New Jersey. An NJ residential painter can help you choose the best color for the kitchen and can go over all of your options.

Bedroom Colors

A good nights’ sleep is important and creating a bedroom environment which facilitates sleep is vital. For a good sleeping environment you need a comfortable mattress that supports your back, good pillows and a blanket to keep you warm at night, but one important thing that is often overlooked in the bedroom and that can make the difference between a sleepless night and slumber is the color the you choose to paint the bedroom walls. Colors evoke emotions, red tends to represent love but it also can evoke the feeling of anger or excitement, so painting the bedroom red may not help you get a good sleep. The best colors to paint your bedroom are green or blue; these are both colors that help evoke relaxation and tiredness. Although you should avoid using bright shades of these colors as this may have the opposite effect.

Another thing to consider when choosing bedroom colors is the occupant of the bedroom, if this is a boy’s bedroom you can choose a color such as light blue or green with one wall painted in a darker accent color of blue or green. If you are painting a bedroom for a girl white may be your best bet as white represents purity, happiness; although if your little girl has her heart set on pink walls you can always do a pink accent wall, pink represents love and sophistication. For a girls’ bedroom you may want to avoid colors such as bold red because bright red may make it harder to sleep.

Bathroom Colors

We all go into the bathroom on a daily basis; it is probably the first room we visit after exiting the bedroom and the last room prior to getting rest at night. The bathroom is where we get clean and get ready for our busy lives. Choosing the right bathroom color can make the bathroom a more inviting place, can help boost energy levels in the morning and can help to relax you before going to bed. A classic color for the bathroom is white or off white, white tends to evoke purity and cleanliness as well as happiness and this can aid in helping wake you up in the morning. Another good choice for the bathroom are shades of blue or green, these tend to evoke peace and relaxation. One great option for the bathroom, one of my personal favorites is to do a yellow (not too bright) accent wall, this is especially great if your bathroom has a window and you can design it so that the light will hit the yellow wall in the morning.

When it comes to interior house painting the choices we have to choose from are limitless, there are many color combinations for each room and there are many options when it comes to accent colors that can alter the look and feel of any room. If you are looking to paint the interior of your home and want to discuss your options with an expert house painter you should contact a house painter in New Jersey, they will answer all of your painting questions and will go over some of the options for each room of your home.

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