The Famous Worry-Free Guarantee

worry free guarantee

At Worry-Free Painting, we are confident in the quality, professionalism, and durability of our work, and we want to ensure our customers that their investment is protected. That’s why we’re the only company to offer the famous “Worry-Free Guarantee”.

If your paint cracks, chips or peels due to normal wear and tear within five years of project completion, we’ll fix it at no cost to you. Any company that claims to do the job right should be able to offer a warranty like this, yet our company is the one of the only ones that do. That should tell you something.

5 Years Warranty on Labor and Material

The average painting contractor’s warranty only covers the labor, and it’s only covered for a couple years. We feel like our customers should be able to expect more from us. If we’re able to use industry-recognized practices to apply the paint, it should last for at least five years. So it only makes sense to guarantee both labor and materials for that long. That’s what makes it a Worry-Free Guarantee.

The cold hard truth is that most painters can’t even stay in business for five years. Because we’ve been going strong for more than 30 years, and we have an immaculate customer rating on Angie’s List and other online reviewing sites, you can feel confident that we can and will honor our Worry-Free Guarantee.

If our work doesn’t stand up to normal wear and tear** over the course of five years, that’s our responsibility, not yours. It’s that simple. No fine print or disclaimer is necessary. Our Worry-Free Guarantee is even transferrable to future owners, so if you paint your house prior to selling, the buyer is covered for the remainder of the five-year period.

Just remember, if it’s not a five-year Worry-Free Guarantee, it’s not good enough. Rest comfortably at night knowing your investment is protected.

**contact us for details