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Choose an Exterior House Painter

Many homeowners make the important decision of updating their home’s exterior by painting it a new color.  A new color scheme for a home can give it an instant facelift and great curb appeal.  But how does a homeowner select the best painting service for the job?  An exterior paint job is a massive project for any homeowner.  This is why choosing only the best painting contractor is so important.  A professional exterior painter can assist with choosing the right paint color combinations and they can provide results that bring the homeowner’s dreams to life.  With so many exterior painters in NJ, what criteria should a homeowner base their decision on?  Here are a few helpful tips and guidelines to help you choose the best exterior painter near you.. 

Conducting Adequate Research

The first step in finding the right painter is to conduct adequate research.  Typically, homeowners begin with recommendations from others with whom they trust such as friends, family or colleagues.  These word-of-mouth referrals come with honest opinions regarding what it is like to work with the painter.  When considering referrals, what is most important is to understand why the loved one would hire the contractor again, as well as any other details regarding the quality of their work. 

Next, conduct research online.  This includes evaluating the painter’s website, reviewing their credentials and also looking at their before and after pictures as proof of their capabilities.  Another important means of researching online is to look at reviews from real customers who have posted online.  Be wary of contractors who have consistently negative online reviews or other unresolved issues and complaints.  These are clear indicators of a poor reputation and an unprofessional service. 

Asking the Right Questions

After narrowing down to a list of at least 5 painting contractors begin calling them to request an estimate.  Typically, estimates are provided in person so the contractor can take a look at the home and assess the client’s exact needs.  Here are a few questions the homeowner can ask the contractor to further evaluate them as a good painter to hire:

  • Is the painter fully insured, are they licensed and do they have worker’s compensation insurance for their employees? Also, are they willing to provide proof of this coverage?
  • Can the painter provide a list of recent references who can confirm their workmanship?
  • Does the painter offer any guarantees or warranties on the work performed?
  • Does the painter belong to any professional organizations? If so which ones?
  • Please explain the entire painting process from beginning to end.

Other things to consider after the contractor leaves are:

  • Did the painter show up on time and were they prepared for the meeting?
  • Was the painter professional throughout the entire interaction?
  • Was the painter willing to provide all the information requested?
  • Did the painter listen to the needs of the homeowner and did they answer all of the customer’s questions?

Choose a House Painter

What Happens Next?

During the meeting the painter should provide a formal proposal that includes the exact estimate, scope of work to be performed as well as a timeline.  The proposal should also include an itemized estimate for the labor and materials to be used.  The painter should answer any questions the homeowner has and should be able to demonstrate their capability in completing the work at hand.  The proposal should also provide transparency for an accurate account of the work to be performed.  With all of this information—the research performed, the face-to-face meeting, and a write up of the work to be completed—the homeowner should now feel confident in making a hiring decision.  Remember that even after the painter has been hired, their performance should still be evaluated for consistency.  In other words, the painter should be evaluated before, during and after the project. 

Final Thoughts

The best painting contractor for the job should be reputable, they should be experienced and they should provide an exceptional level of customer service during each encounter with the customer. 

The best exterior painter for the job should be evaluated based on a number of different criteria including their reputation, their ability to deliver results and their credentials.  For additional information on top exterior painters in NJ, contact a professional today who can schedule a meeting today to discuss the exterior painting needs of the customer. 

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