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exterior house painting Staten IslandOur 20+ years of experience have led us to create a worry-free process for house painting services in Staten Island NY.  At the top of this list is respecting any home that we enter to paint – our professional residential painting crews and supervisors are all highly trained and credentialed in home exterior and interior painting.  All garbage and debris will be removed daily.  We also leave wet “touch up” paint clearly marked as to where it was applied.

Here is some more information that you may want to consider when painting the exterior/interior of your Staten Island home.

The Exterior Painting Process

The end product of the exterior painting process is a function of the degree of attention to detail given to every step of the job. This is what makes the difference between a perfectly finished job and that of a low and inferior quality.

Surface Preparation: The surface to be painted should be prepared before the application of paint. This is fundamental to having a perfect finish. There are several ways of preparing the surface, the most common is washing. This would provide a fine surface for the paint to adhere to. The only challenge is that there is specific equipment that are used for washing. This should be used by someone who is trained to use it.

Drop Cloth: Drop cloths are very necessary in exterior painting especially when you are repainting. They are to be placed around the areas to be painted as they absorb paint drops, preventing spills. This makes the cleanup process easier.

Caulking: It involves the use of a sealer in sealing cracks and expansions around doors and window frames. These cracks are responsible for the failure of paints around these areas. Caulking also prevents moisture from getting into these cracks. When caulking, only paintable caulk is to be used.

Putty: This is a filler material used on older homes. It is used to fill cracks between joints, also acting as a seal from moisture between glass and wood. If properly applied, it preserves the authenticity of the home.

Scraping: This is used to remove any loose paint from previous coatings. This is critical to the durability of the paint job. When you paint without scraping, there is the tendency that the old loose paint would flake as a result of the weight of the new paint.

Sanding: This process is recommended around the edges of the scraped areas, with a disk or belt sander. Sanding improves the look. Edges would be smoother and more rounded.

Priming: The purpose of priming is to seal porous surfaces, providing a smooth surface for the application of paint. High quality primers would act as surfaces to which the paint would adhere. If properly done, it enhances the end quality of the paint job.

Finished Coating: This is the application of the final paint finish. The use of the appropriate tools is necessary. Use rollers for wider areas where there is sufficient rolling space while you use 2-inches hand brushes for corners and intricate designs.

When you are finished painting, clean up the environment removing materials like the drop cloth and empty paint containers. Ensure a tidy environment after working, this makes the work place safe for all.

Even when the interior of a home is still unfinished, if the exterior is properly painted, it gives it that allure, difficult to resist. If the home is for sale, you will begin getting response from the market in a short while.

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