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December 21, 2016
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January 11, 2017
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Dark Bathroom Brighter

Traditionally, many bathrooms were built with smaller windows or no windows at all which have allowed for added privacy.  However, as home constructions have continued to modernize, more and more homeowners are seeking additional sources of natural light and brightening up bathrooms has become a top priority for many.  Darker bathrooms pose a number of potential problems.  These range from stumbles in the dark to eye strain to decreases in mood.  Taking all of this into account, it’s no surprise that making a darker bathroom brighter is a top priority for so many homeowners who are plagued by poor bathroom lighting.  Luckily, adding additional light to a room does not require an entire bathroom remodel and there are many ways to brighten up a darker interior.  Here are a few tips and tricks to improve the appearance of a dark bathroom for immediate results. 

Right Window Treatments

Every home does not come equipped with spacious windows that allow for the flow of natural light.  For bathrooms with smaller windows, it is important to treat them with the appropriate types of window coverings to optimize the amount of light that streams into the bathroom.  A well-lit bathroom will bring the right balance into the room for a better experience.  This includes using fabric window treatments that are lighter in color or even sheer fabrics that allow for additional brightness.  Opaque, darker colored window treatments tend to absorb more light and even retain heat.  These should be avoided when attempting to brighten a dark bathroom space.  Manual or mechanical blinds in lighter colors may also be installed in lieu of fabric window treatments.  These will allow the homeowner to conveniently adjust the amount of light that comes into the bathroom at any given time. 

Choose the Right Color

If the bathroom is darker in color, painting the bathroom a lighter color is a solution.  Dark, matte finishes will absorb light and will make the room seem even darker than what it really is, no matter if the lights are on or off.  While darker colors create a very dramatic and intense mood, these colors can be domineering when it comes to brightening spaces.  This is because lighter colored walls reflect light better and instantly brighten the space.  Lighter colors are not restricted to just white.  Beige, tan, and pale paint colors in any shade go very well for bathroom enhancement.  The right type of paint is also important.  Eggshell and semi-gloss paint finishes work wonders for bathrooms.  These glossier types of paint effectively improve the space for a noticeable difference.  An NJ residential painter can provide the expertise needed to assist the homeowner with all of their bathroom painting needs.  Also, do not forget the ceiling.  Ceilings that are left white or other lighter colors will help to bring in more light.  While it is very fun and trendy to paint ceilings in patterns and unexpected colors, remember that choosing darker colored ceilings will only darken the room further and make it appear much smaller.  For more advice on how to choose the best color for the bathroom talk to a top residential painter in New Jersey today.
Dark Bathroom Brighter Windows

More Lighting

Want to brighten up the space even more?  Add more artificial lighting.  While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, additional lighting can help to brighten any space that is dark.  Built-in and recessed lighting fixtures work well in bathrooms.  These can assist when there is not enough natural light in the bathroom due to smaller windows or existing darker painted walls that cannot be re-painted immediately.  Many homeowners tend to shy away from using additional lighting in their bathrooms.  However, the use of lamps and even upgraded light bulbs with higher wattages can make for a brighter experience.  Functionality does not mean style has to be compromised.  There are many stylish lighting solutions available that can brighten and accentuate a bathroom for instant results. 


Other Décor

When attempting to brighten a bathroom, consider additional bathroom fixtures and décor as well.  Mirrors, vanities, shower curtains and framed art work can enhance a bathroom’s interior.  Most bathrooms come with vanity and mirror combinations.  Regarding mirrors, the larger the mirror the better and when it comes to vanities, the lighter the paint color the better.  Mirrors are great because they will reflect more light.  Vanities and cabinetry can be dark and bulky.  For a brighter alternative, paint this dark furniture in lighter colors to improve the room’s brightness.  Other glossier fixtures and surfaces will also reflect light.  For instance, glass framed art work, light colored shower curtains or even mirrored trays are fantastic ways to decorate bathrooms and enhance the room’s illumination.     

Taking these necessary steps can make a huge difference in terms of a bathroom’s brightness.  If you need an NJ residential painter call today for a free estimate and consultation.  A trained painting specialist can help to create a comfortable and bright bathroom space today.  This will improve both the physical and emotional well-being of the homeowner.  Try any of these useful tips for a brighter bathroom today.

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